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Requirements To Take Note Of For Pool Fencing in Auckland

By 12/04/2017September 4th, 2017Exterior Glass, Frameless Glass

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In case you have a pool and you want to put up a fence around it, there are certain the local authorities make laws you must abide by. Every state or area has its own unique guidelines, for how the activity of swimming pool fencing should be handled. These rules are made for your safety, and particularly the safety of young children, who you wouldn’t want to happen to fall into the pool by mistake. These laws apply to the area surrounding the pool, including spa pools, which also need to be well fenced and protected from children. Not complying with the rules that have been outlined by your local authorities, will bring about harsh penalties. This may lead to the emptying of your pool, until you are willing to follow the rules. In case, you are living in Auckland, here are some of the guidelines that have been outlined for pool fencing Auckland:

The Height Required for The Fence

The fence should be measuring at least 1.2m vertically and on the outside of the fence, it should be also 1.2m above any permanent projection and finally, in the case where the fence is made of mesh, perforated material or netting, it should not have any dimension that is greater than 10mm. This excludes the perimeter and diameter.

The Material Used

Any material used should be of durable nature, be it perforated material or even when you are using a glass wall partition. It should ultimately be able to inhibit any child under the age of 6 years to climb over the wall and get to the pool.

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