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Exterior Glass

Advantage of Glass Wall Partition & Glass Balustrade

By Exterior Glass, Frameless Glass

These two items are very essential in making a great impression especially as far as décor is concerned. Well-designed glass objects are normally very attractive to look at and give a sense of luxury. With new technology, the creative ideas that can be made into glass figures are numerous.

Glass partitions are simply boundaries that are made of glass to clearly distinguish two areas of larger premises. Most modern offices have adapted this new material and it really gives a totally refreshed look to an office, you will have effectively divided office space and still supervise each employee conveniently.

Apart from glass wall partitioning there is glass balustradewhich refers to a special kind of fencing and bordering that is made of glass material, and its main purpose is to prevent someone from falling off from a certain height or stop entry through a specific area. Here are some advantages of glass partitioning and glass balustrade;

Attractive Designs

There are different designs and patterns of glass partitioning to suit your personal needs, if you prefer a specific color; it will be possible to acquire it in the exact way you want. All the designs can even be made to be more suitable for the area you are planning to install it.

It is Very Safe

For glass balustrades, you will not need to worry about your children experiencing a very unfortunate accident with these objects. The glass is not fragile, it is manufactured to be durable and not shatter easily on impact. You will also be able to see and make rectifications to areas that seem to have an issue.


There are numerous benefits you will enjoy from these glass made entities, you will surely enjoy having them and always view them as a worthy investment.

Requirements To Take Note Of For Pool Fencing in Auckland

By Exterior Glass, Frameless Glass

In case you have a pool and you want to put up a fence around it, there are certain the local authorities make laws you must abide by. Every state or area has its own unique guidelines, for how the activity of swimming pool fencing should be handled. These rules are made for your safety, and particularly the safety of young children, who you wouldn’t want to happen to fall into the pool by mistake. These laws apply to the area surrounding the pool, including spa pools, which also need to be well fenced and protected from children. Not complying with the rules that have been outlined by your local authorities, will bring about harsh penalties. This may lead to the emptying of your pool, until you are willing to follow the rules. In case, you are living in Auckland, here are some of the guidelines that have been outlined for pool fencing Auckland:

The Height Required for The Fence

The fence should be measuring at least 1.2m vertically and on the outside of the fence, it should be also 1.2m above any permanent projection and finally, in the case where the fence is made of mesh, perforated material or netting, it should not have any dimension that is greater than 10mm. This excludes the perimeter and diameter.

The Material Used

Any material used should be of durable nature, be it perforated material or even when you are using a glass wall partition. It should ultimately be able to inhibit any child under the age of 6 years to climb over the wall and get to the pool.

Feel free to contact us via any convenient mode of communication according to your choice.

Benefits of new glass pool fencing for any home

By Exterior Glass, Frameless Glass, Residential

Using glass panels to fence a swimming pool is not new. These kinds of fences have been around for some time, and they can either be designed as semi-frameless or frameless. The design in itself doesn’t matter because either way, the fence acts as a smart barrier between the outside world and your pool. Don’t be fooled to think the glass panels are made from ordinary every day fragile glass.

New glass pool fencing uses a toughened up thick glass suitable for heavy industrial use. So it lasts long. But there are other advantages of using glass as a fencing material for your pool:

1. Aesthetics

In the looks department, glass fencing isn’t too shabby, is it? It’s gorgeous to look at during a sunny summer afternoon with its ultra-modern design. Compared to wood fencing, glass fencing will draw many more glances.

2. More Space

Anyone with a glass wall partitionin their backyard will tell you that their yard looks yards bigger compared to those with wood fences. Additionally, a glass fence offers you the advantage of seeing the outside world whenever you want. You don’t feel locked in your backyard with a glass fence.

3. Easy to Maintain

A glass fence doesn’t require a lot of work, compared to other fences. You don’t have to paint it now and then. You don’t have to worry about rust or calling the local carpenter to replace a few broken pickets.

Those are the three biggest advantages of glass fences. If you like the idea, you may also want to look at a frameless showeranother innovative way of using glass in your home.

Know the Facts about Decorative Pool Fencing Service NZ

By Exterior Glass, Frameless Glass, Residential

Home owners around the globe are doing whatever it takes to enhance safety and security in their homes. The swimming pool is an area that modern days home are paying attention to. To make sure that you are safe and comfortable in your home, swimming pool fencing is something that should interest you.

Most modern homes are following the trend of making their homes a sanctuary. Such homes are complemented with glass finishes like glass walls, glass roofing, glass doors and glass fencing. The idea behind this innovation is to offer the home owner expansive views of the surrounding. In addition to this, most people have welcomed the idea of glass pool fencing with open arms.

Glass is a versatile material that holds intense beauty. To improve your home, you can choose glass products like kitchen and bathroom finishes, mirrors, glass railing, glass cabinets and so much more. There are different ways of fencing your pool. But if you are looking for uniqueness and elegance, glass pool fencing is the better option. The best and safest way to fence your pool is by NZ glass fencing services. With their expertise in both fully frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing systems, you will be pleased with their pool fencing Auckland services. NZ glass provides clients across New Zealand with perfect solutions to fencing their swimming pools with glass.

As much as glass is a decorative material, it is also a way of keeping your family safe. If you have kids running up and down, you can rest assured that they will not sneak into the pool area unsupervised.

Glass fencing can turn your swimming pool into a real entertainment hub. It is quite obvious that glass is stunning and too decorative to ignore especially if it is placed outdoors. As you and your family enjoy a soak in your pool, you can also enjoy the view thanks to glass pool fencing systems.

Skilled Glaziers Team at NZ Glass

By Exterior Glass, Interior Glass, Residential

I thought April showers were an English phenomenon, apparently not so. With all this wet stuff about, glazing conditions have been tricky. Also with the Easter and the Anzac 100 years commemoration public holidays, the glazing team have had to work extra hard to meet all of their deadlines.

During April several of high end shop fronts have been completed, meaning lots of early starts and late finishes for the glaziers, but hopefully their hard work and commitment results in happy customers and some sharp looking new stores around Auckland.

Our builders have been keeping us busy, with all the extra houses going up in our region, along with major renovations from homeowners choosing to improve their properties.

We have finished several frameless glass showers this month, and with new initiatives from NZ Glass in conjunction with existing customers, shower completion times from start to finish are being reduced with the use of standard panels where possible, with no compromise to the high standards expected. In addition to this, painted glass splashbacks, mirrors and glass shelves are being installed to complement these homes.

Further to the inside work, momentum is strong with new glass balustrades, handrails and pool fences being installed.

New orders are being placed regularly, which underlines the strength of NZ Glass in this area, where we have specialist tradesmen delivering outstanding results. The glaziers have been entering photos of their work for judging, for an in house competition and the leading contenders certainly seem to be coming from this section.

We are also seeing growth in new glazing, whether it be to new aluminium or timber joinery. The size and weight of the glass seems to keep growing, and some of the obstacles found on site present us with new challenges, but it is all a part of the job, and adds an extra dimension to getting the job done.

Now as we move in to the colder, wetter months, the hope is we don’t lose too much time to bad weather, delivering the desired results and adding value through glass to all of our customers projects.