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Thinking about using a mirror to unlock the true design potential of your home or office?

No longer content with being a mere reflective surface for watching yourself get ready in the mornings, the humble mirror now commands an important part in modern home design. With a bit of creativity and some careful forethought, a mirror can create the illusion of space,  introduce more light to a room and help you make the most of your existing decor.

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Unlocking the potential of your mirror

Mirrors have traditionally been confined to the bathroom and bedroom, but there’s no reason you have to abide by this rule. For instance, a thoughtfully positioned mirror in a small living room can make the space feel larger than it really is, while large hanging mirrors can bring more light into rooms that would otherwise receive little sunlight.

Beyond these practical uses, mirrors can also be fantastic design features in their own right. Consider installing a huge mirror in your home to create a striking statement piece, or use decorative mirrors to complement or contrast the existing stylings of the space.

However, to really get the most out of your mirror, you might have to go beyond conventional shop-bought mirrors. That’s where we come in.

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Why buy a mirror from NZ Glass?

Here at NZ Glass, our team of specialists are well versed in the art of creating customised mirrors that are truly one of a kind. Drawing on 20 years of experience and equipped with cutting edge glass technology, we’ll work alongside you, your architect or your interior designer to plan and manufacture a mirror that’s perfectly suited to your room.

  • Customisable: Our mirrors are made to order and can be built to any shape or size imaginable – the only limitation here is the size of your wall!
  • Decorative: You can add a sense of sophistication to your mirrors with a range of decorative finishes, such as sandblasted borders, painted borders, v-cuts (crystal cutting) or bevelled edges.
  • Optical quality: By removing copper and lead from the manufacturing process, we’re able to build mirrors that are more durable, more reflective and better for the environment.
  • Mist-free luxury: Eliminate misty mirrors from your life. We can build a purpose-designed heating pad into the back of the mirror to prevent it from steaming up.


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