Double Glazing

In the harsh New Zealand climate, you need to know that your windows are up to the challenge of protecting your family against the elements.

That’s where our double glazed windows come in.

Specifically engineered to withstand the extremes of the local climate, our double glazed windows provide an excellent layer of protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and blustery winds. At the same time, they also play a key role in the overall insulation of your home and can go a long way toward improving the thermal comfort of your home and reducing external noise.

What are the benefits of double glazed windows?

There are many advantages of installing double glazed windows in your home or office – but you don’t have to take our word for it! According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, the government agency that aims to improve the efficiency of homes and businesses in Aotearoa, there are four key benefits to double glazed windows:

  • Reduce heat loss by as much as 50 percent.
  • Absorb sound and minimise noise entering the home.
  • Minimise condensation that tends to build up in the chilly months.
  • Improve thermal comfort of your indoor spaces.

While all double glazed windows will help you better regulate the temperature of your home to a certain extent, some products are naturally more effective than others. Over the last 20 years, we’ve been honing our glazed windows to perfection and today we’re proud to offer one of the very best products on the market.

Why use double glazed windows from NZ Glass?

Not all double glazed windows are created equal. To separate the two panes of glass, most double glazing companies rely on metal spacers, which conduct heat, directly contribute to heat loss and are more susceptible to stress cracks and seal failure.

Our double glazed windows, on the other hand, are built with Super Spacer® Triseal™, a unique triple seal design which incorporates and inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling, a polyisobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapour transmission, and an outer silicone seal for proven structural strength and durability .

Thanks to the complete absence of metals, our double glazed windows prevent heat from escaping while keeping moisture out.

Interested in experiencing the benefits of our double-glazed windows for yourself? Contact the NZ Glass team today for more information about our double glazed windows and find out how they can add value to your residential or commercial space.


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